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Cloud Laser Art

November 16th, 2022

A new art form in the future will be CLA. Cloud Laser Art. People can go to a place where there are laser units, sit out side in a small shielded area and draw on the clouds. It would be fun and a great form of self expression, which would make humans very happy. We know that mankind likes to use the natural environment for self expression from cave drawings to rock piles near road ways and graffiti on rock formations. The idea of drawing on clouds is much better, because the cloud eventually dissolves and like an etch-a-sketch is ready to start over. This will be similar to what happens after Ice Carvings, Ice Sculpting is alive and well in North America.
We have all heard of Sand Castle building and contests, which go on around the world.

Often you will watch kids throw rocks into a glass clear pond or lake. They will throw one rock in and then another and say; “Okay, those are the eyes.” Often people star up into the clouds and try to imagine a face, shape or resemblance to something in the 3D physical world. We have often seen pictures where the clouds appear in the shape of Jesus or a face and everyone calls it a miracle. Many people gaze up at the clouds and attempt to allow their minds to find a familiar shape or form. One might call this a frame burst from the brains memory and the mind fills in the rest and a seemingly regular cloud takes on the imagination and a new meaning. An interesting sub topic could be this article on visual stimulation and the brain:



People are fascinated by these coincidences. Rock formations often look like people from certain angles. The fallen “Old Man on The Mountain” was one such anomaly. Today we look to Mars and see faces in sediment and erosion features.…o_marseface.jpg

You will have to admit this looks pretty real, so either we are not the only species which re-designs our natural surrounding or our mind automatically is filling in the blank, either way since kids, teens and adults do this and we find this interesting, it is an innate tendency and therefore a relevant idea to promote weather control research and manipulation, what better way to find research dollars than through entertainment?
This is something man has done for thousands of years. Some obvious examples are the Sphinx in the Valley of the Kings, cave paintings. We have heard of some famous stone artists, who claim they can see the inner sculpture within a stone before they start, as were comments by Michael Angelo. Freeing the statue inside. Today we have the famous rock carvings of Crazy Horse, which is nearly completed.

Why not put it on a cloud also? It is possible you know? Weather control, cloud art, etc. Mother Nature often does it for us, but if we focus our energies on controlling heat and light within a cubic artificial grid of air, then we will be able to control the clouds completely.

Art is certainly interesting and our obsession with nature and art is interesting in that it seems to be an innate need of mankind to be able to control his environment and to provide some order to the complexity born out of simplicity, which we see everywhere, a concept that Steven Wolfram would most certainly agree. Los Alamos is doing just that and soon will be able to do it on a larger scale with super computers. This will entail lots of number crunching, but well worth the energy and time and money to develop. We maybe able to control not only the weather but stop Hurricanes too.